Get to know : Laurie Douceur

Tell us a little about yourself. What's your background? What led you to become an anti-diet nutritionist?

I'm a trained nutritionist, photographer and content creator. I started my blog before I started university and have been working on it full time since graduating from nutrition school. Throughout my journey, I have met many people and had several trainings that made me realize the impact of dieting on our relationship with food and on our overall health. We often associate the nutritionist with dieting, but all the nutritionists I have met have an anti-dieting approach focused more on long-term sustainable changes. This is a notion that I try to integrate through my social networks in order to make people aware of the true role of the nutritionist.

Laurie is wearing our Mia Sweater and the Rachel Skirt

Where did the idea to create your website come from?

At first, it was petitedouceur, a culinary blog on which I shared all sorts of recipes. Then, it became lauriedouceur which is much more focused on sweet recipes, whether for breakfast, snacks or desserts. I wanted to create my blog to share how I feel when I cook. For me, it's a ritual, an enjoyable moment while for many, it's a chore. Through my photography and recipe creation, I hope to inspire people to cook more.

And, we want to know! Where do you get your inspiration for creating your recipes?

I get inspiration from my surroundings, from social media. I also browse a lot on Pinterest. I love following cooking accounts that offer me interesting visuals. Often, I go through the photo and the recipe idea comes to me based on the photo I want to take.

Can you name 3 surprising things about yourself?

1. My longest relationship lasted 9 years
2. I don't like tomatoes or avocados (surprising for a nutritionist!)
3. I'm forgetful and have a short memory (that's why I love taking pictures because I remember more that way!)

When you shop for clothes, what do you base your choices on?

I want it to be comfortable and I want to feel beautiful in it. There's nothing worse than a piece that you think looks good but doesn't fit you particularly well. Also, I want the piece to be of a nice quality since I want to keep my clothes for a long time. Also, I try to go for neutral bases and colors that I can wear with everything.

Laurie is wearing our Rachel Skirt

What do you like about Essentiels Co? What are your favorite pieces from the Fall/Winter 2021 collection?

I really like the quality of the clothes and the fact that they're timeless pieces that I can keep for a long time. My favorite pieces are the Liv kit in sage green.

Laurie is wearing our Liv set