5 good reasons to buy local

Buying local is a topic that we hear about more and more and it is not for nothing. There are many benefits to encouraging businesses here, and we could write dozens of articles about it! Here are 5 great reasons to consume locally if you are not yet fully convinced:

1. Because it’s not more expensive

"Buying products from here is too expensive" is a phrase we often hear. However, that’s not true. Many companies here are very competitive in their prices and offer comparable cost products for superior quality compared to the big chains. The problem is rather at the level of knowledge of these products. We don't want to waste time looking, when we need something, we want it right away, now. What if we took 10 more minutes to find the equivalent of what we were going to order from Amazon to encourage a company from here? The time invested is clearly worth it! In addition, there are now many directories websites to buy local. Here are the main ones, then we just need to take the good habit of consulting them and remembering the companies that we discover for our future purchases:

Le Panier Bleu


Signé Local

Ma Zone Québec


Acheter québécois

2. To support our local economy

Buying local means encouraging an employer here, who creates jobs here, who pays taxes here. For one dollar spent on a local business, 50% will stay here compared to just 20% for an international banner. The difference is huge! It is also local shops who contribute to the revitalization of neighborhoods, their presence makes our neighborhoods colorful, lively, unique! Think of the sad society we would live in if our businesses were limited to the Amazon and Ebay of this world. However, by continuing to buy in large on these sites instead of our local creators, the lives of these small businesses are greatly endangered.

3. Because it’s better for the environment

Buying local also means reducing our ecological footprint. Think of the distance that objects produced in China must travel to get here. Less distance traveled equals less fuel and therefore less air pollutants.

4. Because there are so many choices

There are now more choices than ever before when it comes to consuming locally. Whether in the field of food, beauty, fashion or decoration, thousands of businesses from here exist and offer us trendy and modern items. Many also have online stores, making their products accessible to everyone.

 5. Because it’s the right thing to do

It’s now very trendy to buy local and that’s good! The message is starting to take root in the habits of consumers and it is our whole society which will then be able to benefit from the advantages linked to such a mode of consumption. Buy local, share the info with your loved ones and on your social networks, it's the right thing to do! The more of us there are to spread the message, the more people will take the time to find out what is being done here. It is a collective effort that must be made so that together we can consume better.